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Genome spearheaded third-party monitoring and evaluation services for an Epidemiological Center within Hajjah Governorate. The TPM centered on prioritizing Data Quality Management (DQM) and conducting in-depth assessments of the implementing partner's operational processes.

Project info

  • Category:
  • Client: NDA
  • Start Date: 2020-10

By focusing on DQM and conducting in-depth evaluations, Genome’s efforts were geared towards not only ensuring the quality of data but also optimizing the operational workflows of the implementing partner. This holistic approach aimed to fortify the Epidemiological Center’s capabilities, facilitating improved performance, and bolstering the quality of services delivered within the Hajjah Governorate.

Financial Topics
Banking Topics - Including Core Banking Systems
Merger and Acquisition - Legal Perspective
Dealing with media for Senior Management, Officials and Public Figures
Artificial Intelligence Driving License (IAIDL)

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