Part of Genome’s comprehensive, methodological approach to capacity building and training revolves around access.  We firmly believe that all levels of the development and humanitarian aid sectors ought to have access to international standards and best practices.  For this reason, we provide our courses in a glocalized context for the Arab world.  This means that we have translated the course materials into Arabic, delivery of the course is in Arabic, and all examples, games, exercises, and case studies are developed to fit the local context.

Delivery Tools and Methods

We realize that participants have a wide variety of needs, learning styles, experience, and knowledge levels. We also understand that theory and practice must be aligned to deliver the maximum value. With that in mind, the design of all of our courses is built around this concept and the specific needs of the participants.


There is a wide array of ways that people learn. In order to facilitate this learning, Genome employs a variety of interactive tools, games, and exercises to reinforce the concepts presented in the training.


  • Project Management for Development (Certification)
  • Program Management for Development (Certification)
    Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Proposal Writing and Fundraising
  • Strategic Planning for Sustainability
  • Report Writing and Communications
  • Self-Care and Psychological First Aid
  • Soft Skills Courses


Genome’s team of consultants are well-seasoned veterans in the development field, capable of working in complex and rapidly evolving environments, providing optimal and efficient results for clients.

Our international team of consultants brings a wide range of experience and expertise to project implementation.  We follow rigorous project management best practices and strive to achieve the maximum quality.  We have the ability to implement consulting projects in English and in Arabic.


  • Creation of Customized Training Courses
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Political Strategy
  • Project and Program Management
  • Organizational Sustainability and Strategic Planning
  • Establishing a Local Office
  • Establishing a PMO

Other Services

Writing, Editing, Copywriting