At Genome TC, we understand that your company has unique needs.  We strive to take what you know and find out where the gaps are in knowledge, skills, technology, and tools.  Our purpose is to fill in those gaps to ensure that your company operates at the most efficient and profitable level possible.

Re-engineering organizational DNA  requires an approach that takes into account the varying needs of each client.  Genome offers a comprehensive approach that includes

  • Training: Build the capacity of team members through interactive training.
  • Consulting: Ensure that business processes are operating at optimal levels through consulting.
  • Coaching: Provide one on one development of team members through coaching


Project Management

Genome Training and Consulting is an authorized distributor and training provider of True Solutions, Inc (TSI) products and training in the Near East region.

The project management courses range from foundational to expert.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the art of understanding the various components of an organization and developing solutions that fit the needs.

Genome provides training services on Business Analysis at several levels.  Our courses prepare participants to take the IIBA or PMI exams.

Additionally, Genome can provide consulting services for organizations as a comprehensive package, which includes our BI program and Process Improvement program.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is essential to the decision making process in your organization.  The discipline of business intelligence turns data into information and analytics that can be used to understand the current state and work toward a future state.

Genome provides assistance in developing the BI roadmap for successful BI implementation, including suggested tools, software, and technology that will make the process more seamless.

Supply Chain and Demand Planning

Demand planning and supply chain management are some of most important aspects of any organization, whether it be a service or manufacturing organization.

Genome Training and Consulting offers a wide variety of services that will ensure your organization has the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your team members and your company have effective and timely demand planning and supply chain processes in place.

Process Improvement

Process improvement focuses on the internal and external processes of companies and organizations in order to facilitate change by reducing input and output costs.

Genomes expert trainers and consultants have extensive international experience delivering training and consulting services that will help your organization in its process improvement needs.

 Soft Skills

At the heart of every efficient business is dedicated team members who have the technical and non-technical knowledge necessary to get the job done.

Genome Training and Consulting’s portfolio of soft skills includes over 50 courses and workshops that can be customized to fit the needs of your team.

The courses and workshops are available in 4, 8, and 16 hour time frames.  For a comprehensive list of the soft skills courses Genome offers, please contact your representative or