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Genome Training and Consulting strives to become a leading provider of capacity building, training, and consulting services in the Arab world.  Through the use of best practices, workable knowledge, state of the art methodologies, products and services, Genome Training and Consulting aims to provide the best brands to clients, tailored to the needs of each organization or individual.  Our experienced staff believes in helping clients build a sustainable and productive business environment with achievable results to ensure success and to maximize productivity and efficiency.

From its inception, Genome Training and Consulting has aspired to provide companies and organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to become successful in a fast paced and constantly evolving environment.  Our international team comes from diverse backgrounds with experience in the business, NGO, and governmental sectors.  We use this diversity and knowledge to create a unique and innovative curriculum of training and consulting services to fit the needs of any company, organization, or individual.

At Genome Training and Consulting, we value our clients and seek to provide them with the highest quality services and comprehensive support.  What sets Genome Training and Consulting apart from other companies is our passion, our original materials, and our integrated and interactive approach to training and consulting.  We follow a rigorous methodology to ensure that outcomes meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

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